Current Actions

Project: Land Development – Tourism

Step 1 – Drafting of a Feasibility Study including Risk Assessment

The study mainly focuses on the recognition of possible touristic attractions and final selection of activities, of target groups, of buildings and infrastructure construction to better implement the general principles of Eco-Tourism. on a Greek island.

A Risk Assessment study will be included, identifying dangers and their possible impacts on the investment. A quantifying analysis will showcase the relevant costs and accordingly propose and promote mitigating measures.

In accordance with the EU policy on the protection of the environment and the new ‘Green Deal’ initiative, major points of the study are already analyzed and considered as key role players, including:
– Energy Conservation, reduction of exhaust, GHG (including CO2), etc., emissions,

– Use of renewable energy,

– Waste and water treatment,

– Mobility solutions using electric vehicles, bicycles, skates, etc.,

– Full compliance with the buildings and energy saving Directives, Regulations and relevant  
   national legislation,

– Protection of the environment, in the immediate facility and at larger extends,

– Integration with local community, providing training on ecological, environmental,
   mobility issues, etc.,

– Integration to local society by using local products, personnel, services, etc.,

-Identification of relevant Quality Management Systems and Certifications for the services
   received and offered, etc.,

– Use of ecological, organic, and biodegradable products, in full compliance with latest
– Collaboration with local Associations, NGOs, Local and National Authorities in promoting
   ecological behavior, circular economy, protection of the environment, sustainable
   operation in the surroundings with a strong contribution to its protection,
– Cost estimate of the proposed investment and operational costs.

 Step 2 – Funding Resources

– Identification of relevant EU and International funding schemes, programmes, funds, etc.,
   that could be used for the better financing of the project,
– Reporting on the required procedures, preparation and collection of relevant documents
   and permits.

Step 3 – Drafting the relevant proposals for applying for funding

– Based on the costs, and gathered data and documents, the relevant proposal will be drafted and submitted for approval to the financial organization selected for these Services.


Consulting on a development proposal for the Greek island of Zakinthos, via the new platform called ProZante


ProZante is a new non-profit cooperation platform created by Zakinthian scientists living abroad. 
It was created to strengthen the island’s development efforts and to support the local authorities with knowledge, advice and information. 

ProZante is politically neutral and inclusive. Its Articles of Association are online (in Greek only). 

The goals are to:  

—   Support the local authorities in their development efforts for the island -with scientific knowledge, ideas, evidence, information and examples of good practice.
—  Contribute to the development of a long-term Development Strategy for the island.
—  Provide information about possible sources of European funding, valorising our proximity to the European institutions.