Update: 16 April 2020

Due to the COVID-19’s and the earthquake’s  in Zagreb, Croatia (base of the SENDA Consulting firm) implications, SENDA Consulting has suspended its operations in Belgium via their office based in Brussels.

As a result, the partnership of SEND Consulting , Swan Consulting and ProDessus, is no longer valid, hence not operations in the mentioned form are possible.

Hopefully other forms of partnership with the individual partners could be established, but this option is under evaluation.


Update: 20 February 2020

As of the beginning of 2020, ProDessus is collaborating with SENDA-Consulting and Swan Consulting, in a new Partnership.

More information can be found via these links:

SENDA – Consulting
ProDessus as Team member
Information on Services provided

The objective of this collaboration is to offer Services mainly on the preparation of proposals to various, not exclusively EU, funding schemes, in the relevant various stages of those endeavors.

The following list includes – not in an exhaustive way – the Services provided:
Analysis of client’s suggested ideas, assessment and identification of relevant funding schemes,
— Drafting of the proposal and management,
— Creation of best electronic management tool for the duration and assessment of the project,
— Training and preparation in general of the client’s staff for successful support of the relevant proposal to the funding authorities procedures and stages during submission and evaluation periods,
Search for tenders and funding schemes for a reserve of clients on permanent representation on their specific targets and objectives,
Training and dissemination of information to Associations, NGOs, companies, local Authorities and all interested parties, concerning offers, tenders, funding schemes and opportunities, focusing on analysis of procedures, steps, drafting details, information and tips on successful evaluation, etc.,
— …

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you need assistance in any of the above mentioned issues or even some new ones. We will be pleased to help.