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Vasileios A. Chrysafidis

Vasileios is an independent consultant, acting as Manager of ProDessus. 

He originally moved to Brussels in 2007 as a Seconded National Expert to the EU Commission (DG ENTR) acting as Policy Officer for Directive 97/68/EC (regarding exhaust emissions from Non Road Mobile Machinery – NRMM) and substitute Policy Officer for Directive 2000/14/EC (regarding noise emissions by equipment used outdoors). During that time he worked on Impact Assessments, on amendments to the Directive, on legislative discussions, on the 1st screening of the adapted national legislation for the accession of Croatia to EU, etc. He drafted briefings and represented DG ENTR in various committees, working groups and UNECE. He worked closely with EU organizations, Member States and USA authorities, Industry, SMEs and Trade Associations.

 At the beginning of 2010, he was recalled back to Greece where he dealt with environmental issues – biogas, biomass (replacement of conventional heating systems using tree clippings), photo voltaic studies, etc. Additionally he was appointed as the Coordinator for the adhesion of the local authority to the Covenant of Mayors (drafting of questionnaires on fuel use  and CO2 emissions and the  statistical analysis of collected data) and creating a valid inventory database on fuel consumption  (transport, heating, Municipal, public and private fleet) in the wider area of the local authority. He also acted as Coordinator for  two(2) IEE 2011 call proposals, related to the use of undergrowth as biomass fuel and the dissemination of best practices for successful adhesion to the initiative of ‘Covenant of Mayors’, until taking the decision to move permanently in Brussels.

Before moving permanently to Brussels…

He started his career in 1993 as Head of the Department (management and public relations) of the ‘park and Pay System’ of Larissa-Greece, where he served for 6 years. He continued managing the System after its acquisition from the local Authority for 4 additional years. After that, through several contracts with the public sector, he was in charge of the fact sheets and  reports of Municipal works included in the 3rd Community Support Framework, the participation in EU programs. He Lectured  on Traffic Behavior for children; he acted as the main organizer, coordinator, creator and statistical analyst of the dedicated  survey for the ‘Car Free Day of 2000’. As a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece for Central and West Thessaly, he participated in numerous studies and work groups and also acted as a Technical Assessor. In parallel, he maintained a private Technical Office for more than 15 years, acting also as an Accredited Public Works Contractor for more  than 6 years.

Vasileios has an extensive experience in training as well. He worked as a Lecturer for ICBS Larissa Business College (affiliated  institution of Kingston University (at the time)) for two (2) years (stopped because of his departure to Belgium), for numerous vocational training programs (related to energy, buildings bio-climatic design and passive solar systems, energy saving, etc.). He is an Accredited Adult Trainer.

He holds a degree as Mechanical Engineer (from the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa), a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (from  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – AUTH), a MsSc in Mechanical Engineering (from AUTH) and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA). 

Additional activities include:

– Management of the ‘Non-Road Mobile Machinery – (Off-Road Machinery)’ Group at LinkedIn.com