ProDessus, offers a plethora of Services, mainly – but not exclusively – for the technical sector, hopping that involvement in other sectors will soon follow, according to the business plan.

It addresses primarily SMEs and smaller firms/organizations, either private (commercial companies, manufacturers, private businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), etc.) or public (state organizations, Municipalities, etc.).

It is a verified fact, that the main difficulty that these types of firms encounter, is the lack of information, awareness and participation in technical upgrading and identification and use of relevant financing resources. Based on a common perception that EU legislation, programs, funding, etc., are extremely complicated and seem chaotic, the participation in joint projects and initiatives looks nothing more than a dim light at the end of a labyrinth, that is not pursued.

ProDessus, strongly believes that the basic concept of ‘think small first’, must not last ‘for ever’  but should eventually be overturned, becoming more competitive in order to survive and prosper in this new big neighborhood environment (the once called global!). The establishment of a credible network of information and innovation, leading to the implementation of feasible and well planned, economical, social, environmental or even administrative adaptations, becomes the main tool and asset for new investments and well being.

It is that role that ProDessus hopes to fulfill, with its direct contact and friendly face.

The experience in EU affairs and involvement in important legislative and market issues along with a strong professional network and significant experience in management and training in private and public sectors, provide a solid background for the successful outcome of our common efforts.We truly hope we could become your partner at your future endeavor.

ProDessus is registered in the EU Transparency Register 
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